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Castri IT Consulting provides basic PC tutoring. Our services includes:

• Learning how to use the mouse
• Understanding desktop, icons, menus and taskbar
• Create, modify, move, save and delete files and folders
• Learn Windows Explorer
• Browse the Internet
• Check and write e-mails with/without attachments
• Open and print e-mails, documents and images
• Play music, view pictures and videos
• Install and uninstall programs
• Burn CDs
• Scan images and save them on your PC
• Transfer images from a camera to the PC
• Transfer audio files from CDs to PC, convert them to MP3 files and transfer to MP3 player
• Learn Internet Explorer
• Install and configure peripheral devices (printer, scanner, camera, mp3 player, external hard drive)
• Set-up dial-up or broadband Internet connection
• Set-up home network